Change is good.

So I’ve decided on a name change..  It’s not a huge change to me because it’s my middle name + my last name without vowels, but it was time.  It’s a new season in my life and I’m in the process of rebranding everything.  It definitely fits what we are doing over at MSCMKRS, a music publishing/sync company I started last year July.  We are releasing all types of music, connecting genres, and working with artists and brands to create unique styles of music.  Thanks for staying connected and look forward to some great content coming your way from me, and other great artists I’ll be working with.

Nissan Placement!

The next few posts will be videos and announcements about placements.  I’ve been super busy but I want to make sure I keep you updated on progress.  Here is a Nissan placement I never posted on my website.  It was placed in Brazil and features the song “Dreamkillas” from my “Decades” album.